What is the MyBit SDK?

To easily interact with the MyBit Network protocol, the MyBit Foundation has developed a Software Development Kit (SDK). The MyBit SDK is composed of a series of Smart Contracts, JavaScript classes and User Interface (UI) libraries allowing developers to build wealth management DApps on top of MyBit Network. All of the Smart Contracts are the open source equivalent of the MyBit Network protocol, allowing anyone to deploy a local instance of the network, which we also have pre-compiled for natural local development.

Why is it valuable?

MyBit SDK empowers developers to build great WM DApps in an inclusive, diverse and global digital asset wealth ecosystem while abstracting away complicated protocol operations like asset creation and revenue redistribution. MyBit SDK is:
  • Easy to setup - simple installations and you are ready to go
  • Easy to use - simple API methods to get you started
  • Tailored to your needs - anyone with web development knowledge can build WM DApps now


The following software components compress the MyBit SDK. Each of those have it's own Github repository and documentation.

UI Kit

A series of UI Web components that allows anyone to build WM Dapps quickly.
The main JavaScript-based web client for interacting with the MyBit Network protocol.


All the Ethereum Solidity Smart Contracts that compress the business logic of the MyBit Network.


Our pre-compiled local instance of the MyBit Network for natural development.
The equivalent of a “Hello World” application using the MyBit Network.


You can access the most up-to-date version of the following components through the popular web package manager repository NPM:
  • Contracts: Latest working version is 0.1.9
  • Network.js: Latest working version is 0.0.5
  • Chain: Latest working version is 0.1.8
Please bear in mind all the components are still under development and should not be considered ready for production.