What is the MyBit Ecosystem?

The MyBit Ecosystem is defined by the following:
  • MyBit Go: a decentralised investing platform. It allows direct investment in assets.
  • MYDAX: a decentralised exchange. It provides liquidity and trading to digital assets.
  • MyBit Network: a protocol that allows the creation of decentralised digital assets, funding and trading. It also enables the distribution of revenue generated by assets.
Both MyBit Go and MYDAX are web-hosted applications that connect to the MyBit smart contract platform to function. The MyBit Network is the business layer built under all these applications and on top of the Ethereum blockchain as a suite of Smart Contracts. By relying on the MyBit Network, anyone can build Wealth Management Decentralised Applications easily.

What is a Wealth Management Decentralised Application (WM DApp)?

In short, they refer to any application that can transfer, manage, fund, and control the representation of digital assets through Ethereum Smart Contracts. These digital assets are represented in the form of tokens and manipulated through the multiple operations within the MyBit Network.