MyBit Go

What is the MyBit Go?

MyBit Go is an investment platform which makes it easy and cost-effective to invest in alternative assets such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It enables investors to directly invest in assets and receive profits in realtime from all over the world.

How does MyBit Go works?

MyBit Go is made up of three main components: Assets, Asset Managers, and Investors.
In the initial release of MyBit Go, the focus is on the Internet of Things and, specifically, IoT assets. Iot Assets consist of any machine connected to the internet which generates revenue by providing a good or service - think of a 3d printer anyone can pay to use. However, it is important to note that the platform is a white label solution; it can be integrated into both existing and future markets - not just the Internet of Things.
Currently, the Internet of Things is an exciting, emerging market. It is predicted, that by 2025, there will be 50 billion connected devices generating over $10 trillion in revenue annually. This market therefore represents a fantastic use case for the white label MyBit investment platform.
Another key component of the platform is the Asset Manager, the person in charge of maintaining assets which cannot (yet) operate themselves. For example, take a 3D printer. While many parts of such a device can be automated, it still requires someone to refill the device with printing materials. In the future, we believe the 3D printer will be able to communicate with a robot to be refilled automatically, but currently this is not the case - and a person is needed for the IoT asset to function correctly.
The last main component is the Investors themselves. Unlike traditional investment platforms, the MyBit scales to meet the demands of nearly any investor: be it an individual, group, fund or other institution, anyone can invest in the assets listed on the MyBit Go 15 platform. They exchange capital for an ownership stake (either fractional or full) in one of the listed assets and benefit from the revenue that asset generates.