API contract
API contract used to easily fetch variables from MyBit network. It allows easy interaction wiht the protocol.
Access contracts
Set of network contracts used to manage user access levels and restrictions based on roles. See contract categories.
Account balance
Each account (either contract or individual) has a balance in Ether (in “Wei” to be exact) and/or ERC20 token which can be modified by sending transactions to the account.
Refers to contract addresses associated with MyBit Chain package contracts deployed in the local instance of mybit network blockchain. It can also refer to a user account, called external accounts in the Ethereum blockchain.
Asset ID
ID variable associated with the asset being crowdfunded. It can be either a physical or digital asset.
Asset Manager
An user responsible mostly for initiating the asset crowdsale, managing real-world aspects of the asset and delivering ROI on the asset to investors. The asset manager puts down MYB tokens in escrow as colateral, which can be burned in case of negligence or investor disatisfaction. Refer to network roles.
Asset creation
Function enabling the creation of a new asset initiated by the asset manager to start a crowdsale event. It provides the terms of asset crowdsale e.g. funding goal, duration of crowdsale, associated fees etc.
Asset crowdsale terms
Terms set at the creation of the asset to start the crowdsale. e.g. funding goal, duration of crowdsale, associated fees, accepted currencies (Eth and/or ERC20).
Asset crowdsale
Crowdfund event initiated to fund a digital asset by investors. See asset creation.
Asset exchange
Decentralised exchange of assets created by the asset manager. It allows trading of asset orders betweeen investors. Also refered to as AssetExchange contract. See MYDAX.
Asset funding
Function enabling investors to finance an asset ID created through the crowdsale by the asset manager. It passes the invested amount and the investor address associated.
Contract address
See address.
Contract categories
Categories of smart contracts underlying MyBit SDK network. e.g. Crowdsale contract, Access contract, Database contract etc.
Contract management
To set a platform and create digital assets contracts must be registered in a ContractManager before getting recorded in the Database contract. Platform owners add new contracts. Contract addition and change to contract state requires approval by users.
All the Ethereum Solidity Smart Contracts that compress the business logic of the MyBit Network
See smart contracts.
Crowdsale contracts
Contracts involved in funding new assets. Asset contracts can be funded in Ether or ERC20 tokens. Funding a crowdsale contract deploys a DividendToken, each Wei/Token representing a share in the asset. See contract categories.
Database contracts
Contracts related to the storing of data on the blockchain. All essential data for the ecosystem is stored here. Write privileges to the database are determined by the contract manager, which is managed by the owner/owners of the platform. See contract categories.
Digital asset
A digital asset is any entity that can generate income and send crypto currency payments, directly or indirectly. Digital assets can be funded, owned and exchanged.
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