Set a platform owner

Who is the platform owner and what does he do?

The platform owner is the entity responsible for running the distributed wealth application using MyBit protocol. In reality, the platform owner is responsible for adding operators to the platform and setting high level upgrades and changes to the platform.

In our "hello world" example, we basically set the address of the platform owner and use it to add an operator to the platform.

For more information on platform owners, see roles in the MyBit network SDK.

Setting the platform owner

Get list of accounts

Set a const to get a list of accounts controlled by the node. It uses the Web3 API to return an array of ethereum addresses.

const accounts = await web3.eth.getAccounts()

Assign an account to a platform owner

Assign the first address in the array to be the platformOwner address.

const [platformOwner, operatorAddress] = accounts

Under the hood, setting up the platform involves interacting with network.js and the APIs to interact with MyBit SDK contracts.